Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feast Your Eyes on Good Feedback

You know how they say you are what you eat? At eBay, you are only as good as your feedback says you are. If you're selling, here's how to get a good reputation:

  • Establish contact with the buyer (pronto!) after the auction ends.
  • After you've received payment, send out the item quickly.
  • Make sure that your item is exactly the way you described it.
  • Package the item well and ship it with care.
  • React quickly and appropriately to problems -- for example, the item's lost or damaged in the mail or the buyer is slow in paying.

If you're buying, try these good-rep tips:

  • Send your payment fast.
  • Keep in touch via e-mail with the seller.
  • Work with the seller to resolve any problems in a courteous manner.

If you're selling, here's what to do to tarnish your name big time:

  • Tell a major fib in the item description.
  • Take the money but "forget" to ship the item.
  • Package the item poorly so that it ends up smashed, squashed, or vaporized during shipping.

If you're buying, here's how to make your status a serious mess:

  • Bid on an item, win the auction, and never respond to the seller.
  • Send a personal check that bounces and never make good on the payment.
  • Ask the seller for a refund because you just don't like the item.

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