Saturday, July 21, 2007

What, No Sale? Timing Your Relist Wisely

Boo! Your Dansk China Maribo dinner plate didn't sell. Don't take it personally. It doesn't mean that your merchandise is trash. It's just that this particular week no one was looking for Maribo plates (go figure).

Often, when relisting, you need to make adjustments. For instance, there's always a chance that you're off base on your title. Or perhaps the keywords in your title aren't drawing people to your listing. To help you figure out whether it's you or just the market, try running a search for other, similar items — is anyone buying? If there's just no bidding activity (perhaps you're selling bikinis in January?), then perhaps that item needs to be retired from eBay for a while.

Consider some other variables. Perhaps your starting price is too high? Are other items selling on the site with a lower starting price? If you can comfortably lower your price, do so. If not, wait until other sellers run out of the item. Then put yours up for auction — you may just get more bidding action if you are one of the few (versus one of the many) sellers offering the same item

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EncoreLogo said...

Thank you! I had not considered, or not in depth anyway, exactly why did my Ebay Item not sale? I have always just hit relist when apparently I should have been more diligent in the review of my ad prior to me relisting my logo design product for sale. I have always thought, well I guess there was noone that wanted my logo design product, when in fact it could actually be just me not having the wrtie keywords. Thank you again I think this was helpful to me.